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The main philosophy is

"our customer is our focus"

Our German – Turkish company AluTec Vision  San.ve  Tic.Ltd.  and its dynamic team stands for innovation, highest quality and holistic support in aluminium profile technology. From the initial idea, the planning and operational implementation with serie products to tailor-made semi-finished products solutions and individual services.

We offer an extensive range of aluminium extrusion profiles for industries such as architecture applications, construction, automotive, mechanical engineering, ventilation, cooling, lighting, electrical and electronics, furniture and accessories industry.

Let's bring your idea to life!

The product idea of our customer is our focus. That is why we are developing with holistic thinking that integrates aspects relevant to function, quality and production from the outset. Innovative thinking and creativity drive us forward.

Why Aluminum?

Aluminum is a metal with light weight, high strength, easy to shape, corrosion resistance and surface treatment for decorative appearance. Because of all these unique features, it is used in almost every field, including the modern construction industry. When it comes to architecture, aluminum extrusion profiles and accessories appear at every stage of the building sector, from verandahs and doors in our houses to the tallest skyscrapers.

 Aluminum is one of the most widely used metals in modern industry due to the optimum combination of the various properties it contains:

Aluminum’s low density and high weight-to-strength ratio provide advantages in many industrial applications.

With alloying and proper heat treatment, its mechanical properties can reach the level comparable to steel. With this feature, aluminum has become indispensable for Automotive, Defense and aerospace, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, etc. sectors.

Aluminum alloys; cold or hot forming methods such as Rolling, extrusion, forging allow for a wide range of cross-section production.

Aluminum has high performance chip removal ability by alloying, the workability of its special alloys is strictly comparable with brass.

Surface protection can be achieved by increasing the natural protective oxide layer by anodic oxidation processes that can be applied to aluminum.

Aluminum has excellent specific electrical conductivity, which makes it indispensable for electrical and electronic applications. It can also be preferred in all applications where heat conduction is required.

It is a non-toxic material that is largely used by the food industry in food preparation and preservation processes.

Aluminum can be easily recycled with limited energy costs.

Why Work With Us

Our Values

  • Trust among our Business relations
  • Customer focused working
  • No concessions from quality
  • Transparency at Information Flow
  • Always open for innovations
  • Effective teamwork
  • Continuously developing
  • Sustainable growing

Our Mission

To understand the expectations and requirements of our customers correctly, to react quickly and to implement them in order to be preferred by our customers.

Our Vision

To ensure a permanent peace of mind in order to always improve and develop our relations with our partners and customers so that a common growth can be emanated.

International Experience

Continuous improvement of our quality management system and progress towards professional excellence through professionalization of production processes. To increase the motivation of our employees, to always act fairly and at the same time to develop their knowledge, skills and their self-awareness.

We Meet Deadlines

Contribute to the development of our existing suppliers in order to educate a reliable cooperation. Effective management of our business risks to make our integrated management system more efficient.

Attention To Detail

Use natural resources and energy efficiently by minimize the impact of our activities on our environment. Reduce waste, separate it, reuse it, recycle it and help to protect our environment.

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