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Tool Workshop

Our tool workshop, which is the beginning of aluminum profile production, is able to produce tools on average between 7 and 10 days with our specialized and experienced staff, technological machines and 3D solid model programs (CAD-CAM).
The tools manufactured by our experienced team meet the desired durability, functionality, flawless surfaces, tolerances, dimensions and superior physical properties.
One of our most fundamental goals is to maintain customer satisfaction at a high level by updating our existing tool technology and preparing minimal waste, maximum production tools. We offer superior quality standards by improving traceability, reporting and performance criteria.

Aluminium Extrusion

Our own partner company and contracted profile presses produce a wide range of aluminium profiles for various industries and uses. We currently have 6 extrusion lines in different sizes that are able to produce alloys such as 1xxx and 6xxx as well as profiles with special alloys.
Aluminium profile extrusion is a delicate process. The parameters of all plants in our production facilities are controlled and recorded by high-tech equipment to ensure traceability in our company-specific software.
With an annual capacity of over 18,000 tons and our experience in production as well as further investments in new technologies, we are working hard to become a preferred company and partner in the aluminium industry.


In our anodizing plant with an annual capacity of 15,000 tons, we can perform special applications such as matt, polished (bright), satin (chrome effect) as well as anodic oxidation in the colours white (natural), bronze, brown, black and the desired colours and coating thickness. In our 8 meter long pools we can coat and refine aluminium profiles with a length of up to 7.5 meters. Our long anodizing pools offer our customers a clear advantage, especially on products for outdoor and indoor advertising as well as for facade profiles.
In addition to our standard colors, our pools are capable of matching special color requirements.
The profiles manufactured in our anodizing units meet all quality requirements of QUALANOD and TSE with their lifelong UV resistance and color fastness.
Surface-treated profiles are checked during the process not only with the help of spectrophotometers and layer thickness meters, but also after stain and coating thickness test and the film adhesion test. In addition, the chemical compatibility values of our pools are permanently checked by laboratory tests.


Powder Coating

The renewal of our electrostatic powder coating system enabled us to be more sensitive and aware of very important issues such as high capacity with new functions, energy saving and environmental awareness.
An important feature of the new system is that so-called “chromiation process” carried out before powder coating reduces the amount of chromium contained before powder coating and thus takes into account the environmental protection during production.
In addition, we save energy thanks to the conveyor belt tunnel.
With the movable cabins of the electrostatic powder coating system, the current capacity has been increased to almost twice. With 20 Corona robot arms and 2 different paint booths, our system can coat 15,000 tons of aluminium profiles with powder coating every year.
The quality controls of the coated profiles are checked in the laboratory by weight loss calculation, cooking water test, scratch test, impact test, fall test, roll and bend test, gloss measurement and layer thickness measurement.
Powder-coated profiles create a decorative appearance. In addition, they are resistant to ultraviolet rays and sudden temperature changes. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the painting process is carried out in any color and RAL codes.
The productions in our electrostatic powder coating system meet all quality requirements of QUALICOAT.


Precision productions are carried out within the framework of international standards and customer requirements. Our production capacities and services are documented by the quality certificates and customer audits. All our products are manufactured and tested according to specific standards of the exporting countries.

The traceability of the raw materials and materials used is systemically checked as part of the input quality control and all processes from production to shipping.


Our company performs the mechanical processing of aluminium profiles on modern CNC machining centers with mechanical 3-axis or 5-axis. With special software and interfaces, we ensure the machining of high-quality aluminium profiles by CNC milling and at the same time achieve high efficiency in the machining of aluminium profiles in a short time.

Our extensive machinery is equipped for processing from 1 to about 600,000 pieces or more.
The expertise of our aluminium processing has also focused on drilling aluminium profiles. Our experienced development team develops suitable drilling tools according to customer requirements. Our machines at the relevant locations of the Group include modern hydraulic and eccentric presses for the machining of aluminium profiles. Due to the large selection of machines, even difficult geometries can be drilled in series quantities of up to 200,000 pieces.
With a modern machine park consisting of round bending machines and pipe bending machines, we guarantee the required quality of our customers and can bend the series from 1 to 10,000 pieces or more. In addition to standard alloys, special alloys and various material conditions can also be bent. For the bending process of aluminium profiles, additional heat treatments such as soft annealing can be offered. Our experienced staff develop the optimal bending tool to ensure perfect surface protection during the bending process.
Aluminium profiles are cut on a large machine park with double saw blades, automatic saws, automatic milling head saws and a modern table circular saw for profile plates. This allows us to process aluminium profiles with a length of up to 10,000 mm and cross-sections of up to (W x H) 1,800 mm x 310 mm. Depending on your requirements, quantities of up to 600,000 pieces can be used to guarantee the tightest length tolerances of up to 0.05 mm. Based on the latest technology, the saw in our house inspires burrless saw cuts with the highest precision. The saw cutting can be sanded and deburred in a separate step according to the customer’s wishes.

Production tracking reporting and inspection

Our consultingservice, with a team commissioned only for this area, we have placed every solution according to your needs for your productions of your aluminium profile orders here in turkey and at the same time ensure every step of your production.

Thanks to the extensive knowledge of our team of experts, your project and profile productions are in safe hands…

Through our use in aluminium profile production, the provision of a  timely   and  accurate flow of information as well as the unique control and reporting methods,  we offer you special production and delivery services that successfully complete your aluminium profile productions  in  all phases and processes and  in accordance with your expected requirements.

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